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Collector's Piece.


Damascene handmade dagger with 24 kt. pure gold.

Design: M1.

Characteristics of the dagger.


This piece, apart from being unique, is completely handmade by one of our master craftsmen. Thoroughly hand-machined damascene with 24-karat gold foil and pure thread.

Made in Toledo (Spain).


Measures: 34 centimeters long.
Grip width: 4,05 centimeters.


This dagger is a replica of the Nasrid jineta like the one the last king in Granada (Spain), King Boabdil, possessed. He was the last Muslim king in Spain after the capture of Granada on January 2, 1492 by the Catholic Monarchs.

Throughout time, its name has been given as a reference to this type of grip.

The qualifying jineta responds to a type of genuinely Nasrid production sword, introduced in Al-Andalus by the Zenatas.

It was therefore the new war technique of the Muslim cavalry adopted later by the Christian kingdoms that led to the development of the swords in Al-Ándalus (Granada above all), more in line with the type of struggle that revolutionized the wars of conquest and reconquers peninsular.

Damascene handmade dagger with 24 kt. pure gold / m1

€6,000.00 Regular Price
€5,400.00Sale Price
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  • Our articles are specially treated to maintain all their properties, however it is advisable to take into account the following indications.


    - Do not immerse in water or subject to strong moisture, in such case it will dry with a dry cloth as soon as possible.


    - In coastal areas it is convenient to store the damascene in showcases that protect from salt and humidity.


    - When cleaning, avoid chemical products and damp cloths.


    - You can rub with a soft eraser to recover color and shine.

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