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Togashi Damasquinos is a family business from Toledo (Spain).

Our workshop is located in the old town, surrounded by the walls of the imperial city.

Being part of the old convent of Santa Isabel, founded in 1477.

We work with great enthusiasm and dedication the craftsmanship of the Damascene.

It consists on the realization of designs, by the incrustation of threads and sheets of gold and silver in steel pieces.

We make jewelry and decorative ítems, applying this technique completely by hand.

Our main style is Arabic, innovating with different geometric figures, and taking máximum care of the finish of each design.

Currently, you may find machine made Damascene, and we, in Togashi Damasquinos, always seek to stand out through a totally artisan process.

In Togashi Damasquinos we want that each of the designed pieces, are unique and special.

We stand out for a glossy finish that endures in time, along with the history of this fabulous craft, that keeps accompanying us.


We will keep working with passion, creating unique pieces for you.