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Damascene handmade Pendant snake with gold and silver.

Two sizes available

•Large 7cm long

• Small 4cm long

Includes black cord as a gift.

Authentic damascene from Toledo (Spain).

Damascene Care.

Our articles are specially treated to maintain all their properties, however it is advisable to take into account the following indications.

- Do not immerse in water or subject to strong moisture, in such case it will dry with a dry cloth as soon as possible.

- In coastal areas it is convenient to store the damascene in showcases that protect from salt and humidity.

- When cleaning, avoid chemical products and damp cloths.

- You can rub with a soft eraser to recover color and shine.

The technique of ornamentation of metals known as damascene has a great artisan tradition.

It consists in the realization of iron pieces with figures and drawings by means of the incrustation of gold and silver threads and sheets.

After the Arab presence in Spain for seven centuries, this type of craft is developed deep among Spanish craftsmen, who learned and maintained it to this day, mainly in the city of Toledo. Keeping Toledo a millenary tradition of espadería, manufacture of armours and works on metall.

There are many and various processes carried out, until the piece is finished.

Pendant snake damascene handmade with gold and silver

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